Haritha haram in english essay writing

haritha haram in english essay writing

He has launched it on July 5 with an aim to increase the tree cover in esay Telangana State. I felt very happy when I heard about this mission because now-a-days many people are cutting down trees for building apartments, malls etc. He haritha haram in english essay writing not just launched the programme but also has asked every person to plant one sapling. I was surprised when I heard that 46 crore plants are going to be planted this year.

This was a successful mission all over the world. To make it per cent successful government should include local people, villagers and community leaders.

haritha haram in english essay writing

The government should give them all the responsibilities for the growth of trees. Without plants it will be difficult for us to survive.

haritha haram in english essay writing

Fifty years ago, not just Telangana but whole country was covered with good greenery. Government should enforce strict afforestation laws. Every leader till date has said only one thing plant more trees to make the surroundings clean and green.

Why Mission Haritha Haram is Important:

Gauthama Budha, received enlightenment under a peepal tree by, he preached everyone to plant trees as without them life is meaningless. He had planted trees all over in the villages and on the road. I feel proud that I hail from Telangana and have a great visionary as Chief Minister.

haritha haram in english essay writing

People who live in villages adjacent hharam forest are healthy enblish they get fruits, water, fresh air and medicinal plants from the forest. Lack of forest cover is posing threat to their lives. Animals also have all the rights to live, with haritha haram in english essay writing forest cover most of the wild animals are entering villages and towns in search of food which puts lives of both animals and humans in danger.

If the rate of animals is not decreased, it will be become very difficult for the environment. Trees make the soil fertile and because of it crops grow well.

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It saves the environment from getting polluted keeping humans healthy. Fruits are necessary for the survival and we get fruits from trees. Rains which are major source of water in many areas have declined due to decreased forest cover. The ground water is also declining.

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