My dream essay writing in english

Every person has some ambition or desire, as when we were children, we used to be thrilled to see many things and by growing up we wanted to get them. As we grow up, some dreams and aspirations remain intact and we work hard to get them. Essxy help you with this topic in your exams, here are some short and long essays available. You can choose any of the following essays:- on cricket in English language for students in,and words. Everyone wants to be successful and prosperous.

I also dream my dream essay writing in english being successful in my field, although dnglish this time I am unable to make decisions my dream essay writing in english my essay reader that tells you what level your writing is but I know witing I will work harder while focusing on my dream essay writing in english whatever goal I choose.

I am also dreaming of doing something for my country. There are so many problems in poverty, illiteracy and racism in our country. Our country was once famous for its rich cultural heritage which was later plundered. The rate of crime in the country is rising from time to time and there are other similar issues. Although there eszay many flaws in the political system of India which are leading these problems but for this we can not blame the government.

Short and Long Essays on My Dream

Every one of us should contribute towards the development of our country. I am a supporter of education to everyone so my dream essay writing in english everyone can learn and that is why I have been reading my maid's child for the past two years.

As soon as I grow up I aim to join the non-governmental organization to empower the poor and needy.

my dream essay writing in english

I dream of eliminating poverty and social inequality from my country and I will do my best in this direction. If we all stand together then we will certainly be able to liberate our country from these evils.

Someone has rightly stated that "When you give more importance my dream essay writing in english your dreams before your fears then miracles can happen".

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Dreams are necessary but my dream essay writing in english can only happen when you dream big with your whole heart. Only then will you be able to achieve big dreams. As students' dream is to get good marks, to make good friends, get support from family and make some big in life.

Like others, I have dreamed of developing cream career from a young age.

my dream essay writing in english

I wish to become a famous writer and want to write and publish a novel. I was never good at talking orally. It my dream essay writing in english my nature that I do not like to be frustrated even if somebody tells me anything. I choose to remain silent during such situations.

It is not that I can not answer but as I said "I choose" because I am a peaceful person. I am also a little introverted and do not like to interact with everyone by opening hearts.

It is not good to open heart and show feelings, because it can cause you tension.

my dream essay writing in english

Whenever I was alone, I always used to scream loudly and try to get rid of these emotions, but soon I came to know that writing is also a good medium, to relieve stress. When I started writing then I came to know that I really write good.]