My hobby essay in english writing

Example 2: Travelling

There are some things in life which you do which give you immense joy and satisfaction. It may be anything from reading books to travelling; no person in this world is immune to a hobby. Since hobby is such a general topic, we have come up with short essays for students along with some longer ones so as to tell them what having a my hobby essay in english writing feels like.

The essays have been written in a simple yet mh language and shall prove beneficial to enblish students.

Long and Short Essay on My Hobby in English for Children and Students

My hobby is reading my hobby essay in english writing. Reading a book is one of my favorite pass times and since I work with words for a living it is also one of my favorite work tasks. There are no words that can describe my admiration and respect for the written word and the modest book that houses them.

my hobby essay in english writing

Even though great thinker of antiquity like Socrates despised the written word calling it unresponsive and dead we have to give my hobby essay in english writing thanks mu its ability to conserve knowledge for generations.

My hobby reading books is the best way to escape from the torment of the world and to rest in a world of imagination.

my hobby essay in english writing

Undisturbed by the troubles of my life, writibg mind can rest from all the stress it goes through every day and find comfort in the words of wise writers or happiness in those that like more light-hearted topics.

Not only do I read books but I also collect them and spend endless hours searching for the right edition for their collection.

Long and Short Essay on My Hobby in English

I even save up money so that I can buy books and extend my library or spend fortunes on rare historic eesay. The fact of the matter is that there is no better way englihs me to rest and at the same time practice my brain by reading a book, so as far as my hobby reading books goes this way, it is the best pass time Essay vs review can have. Believe me, once you start exploring the sea of stories written my hobby essay in english writing paper you will never want to stop exploring.

Hobby is something that is of our interest and keeps us engaged in our free time with a free mind. A good habit will not my hobby essay in english writing help us to escape from our daily cores but also keeps us peaceful.

Studies prove that practicing a good hobby will keep us away from many witing related problems and loneliness how to develop an argument essay after lit review well.

my hobby essay in english writing

Hobby is something that develops with us from an engish age. I find happiness in reading books in my lonely time to free my mind of stress and study pressures.]

my hobby essay in english writing