Online shopping essay writing in english

online shopping essay writing in english

Essay on Online Shopping: Buying things on the internet is termed as online shopping. E-commerce has changed the way businesses are conducted, and retailers are selling goods and services over the internet and making high profits.

online shopping essay writing in english

Company sites, shopping portals and e-auction sites are very popular with customers. Online shopping also delivers goods at our doorstep with necessary charges.

It saves a lot of time, money, and effort and avoids visiting the stores physically to purchase commodities. Below we have provided Online Shopping Essay in English, suitable for class enylish 4, 5, 6, emglish, 8, 9 and 10 school students. Online shopping is a process in the form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to buy goods and services over the internet using a browser.

It is also called as business to business online shopping. People can surf several web stores which offer a variety of products online from the comfort of the house.

Shopping can be enhlish through desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc. The online shopping essay writing in english popular among the online stores are Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and Myntra. The concept of online shopping was first introduced by Michael Aldrich in By using videotex technology, he designed, installed, manufactured, sold and supported many online shopping systems.

The first-ever shopping store name was Tesco store. As online shopping is gaining popularity rapidly, e-retailers sohpping managed to segregate customers and target them accordingly. There are deal hunters who always seek discounts and offers and then buy a what is the essence of reading and writing essay.

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Such customers always try wriying shop during festivals. Then there are brand buffs that prefer a particular quality brand. These types of shoppers are not price-sensitive and buy a particular brand, even at a high price.

Other ones are the wish listers who keep on scrolling, searching, selecting and adding the products to the wishing list to buy them later. They keep on postponing their purchase for many reasons.

Most online shopping stores offer lower prices as compared to offline stores. They also provide a great bargain online shopping essay writing in english and save more money.

online shopping essay writing in english

Price comparison is hassle-free and quick. The introduction of the discount system has brought great relief to consumers, especially to savvy shoppers who get motivated to buy more during discounts. An online store is a platform for diversity.

online shopping essay writing in english

This englisn that it supplies goods with many varieties. Customers can choose and select from abundance as they find numerous options which suit their requirement and budget. From kids to adults there is variety in large numbers. Consumers who are busy and are unable to visit offline stores online shopping essay writing in english buy at night.

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It can be bought at any time of the day. By one click you can make the purchase, pay online or through cash on delivery system and also gets the product delivered to online shopping essay writing in english doorstep. The system of tracking order enables people onlinee know the status of their product through shipping details and exact arrival date.]