Pongal festival essay writing in english

It is celebrated during solar equinox and marks the harvest of crops like sugarcane, rice, turmeric etc.

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It is a four day celebration marking the importance of natural resources. Pongal is a very auspicious festival in Hindu mythology.

pongal festival essay writing in english

Pongal essah the biggest and the most famous festival of the Tamil community in Tamil Nadu and the Pondicherry state of India. It is a four days pongal festival essay writing in english and is celebrated by the farmers as a thanks-giving in the harvesting season. Every year it falls on 14th or 15th January. Pongal means to boil or overflow and is named after a traditional dish made from the harvest of rice cooked in milk with jaggery.

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Moreover, it is a form pongal festival essay writing in english devotion offered to Sun God. The festival is not restricted to India but celebrated by the Tamilian who reside in other countries like Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore and South Africa. According to Sanskrit scholars, the history of Pongal dates back to the Chola period where it appears on numerous texts and inscriptions. The festival has been given different names like- Ponakam, Tiruponakum and Ponkal.

From Chola dynasty to Vijayanagara Empire, entlish Hindu temples display inscriptions of the pongal festival essay writing in english which is similar to the Pongal dish. Also, the legends describe the method of celebrating the festival. India is a country of diversity.

pongal festival essay writing in english

Numerous festivals are celebrated due to its secular nature. One such festival is Pongal which is celebrated in the southern part of India called Tamil Nadu.

Bringer of Good Luck

It is the famous i robot film review essay among the Tamil community. It falls on 14th or 15th of January every year. As soon as the winter solstice is over, this festival is celebrated to mark the beginning of harvest season.

It is also known as the month of weddings. People believe that the festival brings good wishes, health, prosperity and peace for the family. The festivals are divided into four days to worship God of Sun and Rain, to express love for the cows and to end it with expressing profound gratitude to Pongal festival essay writing in english Nature.

Essay on Pongal Festival 500 Words in English

Bhogi Pongal which is dedicated to Lord Indra, traditionally known as Rain God, to offer thanks for the lovely harvest. Surya Pongal celebrated to acknowledge Sun God by preparing their famous signature dessert known as Pongal dish.

The third day is celebrated to respect their friend-cows.

pongal festival essay writing in english

They are embellished with paint, flower garlands, colourful beads etc. Everybody worships the cow with an Aarti followed by dancing and singing. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Pongal Festival Essay: The harvest festival of Tamil Nadu that pongal festival essay writing in english in the month of January is called Pongal festival.

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