Save tiger essay writing in english

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Tiger is the most charismatic and ferocious wild cat and the national animal of India. It is considered as the national animal because of its grace, strength, agility and enormous power. Yet writijg creature is the most slaughtered one in the country and is on save tiger essay writing in english verge of becoming extinct. Inthe alarm was raised and hunting of tigers was made illegal.

save tiger essay writing in english

Many programs and initiatives were taken for the protection of the tiger population living in the wild. In India, from the era of kings and princes, hunting tigers had been a popular source of entertaining sport, which continued during the British rule.

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The royal families and elites hunted tigers for several reasons; they were killed for the beautiful skin, which was used for making clothes, rugs, etc; for its multitude of medicinal properties and for other selfish interests. Why Save Tigers? As a large predator, tigers play save tiger essay writing in english pivotal role ssve maintaining the equilibrium of the ecosystem.

Tigers being the top predators, they are at the apex of the food cycle.

save tiger essay writing in english

They along with other predators keep a check on the herbivore animals, thus helping in maintaining the right balance of animals in the forest. This cycle can prevent deforestation.

save tiger essay writing in english

One tiger can protect several acres of forest in this way. In this way, the tigers and other animals will continue to get their natural habitat. The very first thing anyone should do is to spread save tiger essay writing in english among people regarding the matter of interesting questions topics for essay writing the tigers.

Public attention is crucial for such matters. Protecting the jungles by all means necessary is the next most important phase in order to preserve the population of the tigers. The awareness that was spread earlier will edsay in handy save tiger essay writing in english people will begin to join the cause on their own.

Planting new trees in the areas around the forest tigr also a great idea. Raise the voice against the projects that can seriously impact the already decreasing tiger population.]