Winter season essay writing in english

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winter season essay writing in english

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Essay on Winter Season in 300 Words

Winter season in India refers to the period between November and February when the northern hemisphere is inclined away from the sun and hence sun rays have winter season essay writing in english travel a longer distance to reach the surface of the earth.

The winter season is a magical time as the weather gets cooler and people, in general, enjoy the weather around them. As the mercury drops, people take out winter season essay writing in english warm clothes and get together in small gatherings lighting fireplaces and enjoying small talk around them. The vegetables available in the winter season are also fresh and taste better than the ones available during summer.

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People instead of avoiding the sun winter season essay writing in english waiting for the sun and enjoying its warmth. Even from the view of esason culture, the winter season holds a special place.

The winter season is generally the time when Monsoon has retreated, the water sources are full and the weather is very suitable for roaming around.

winter season essay writing in english

People like to celebrate this weather along with their families and also enjoy festivities like Christmas and New Year. Many people take vacations during this time and go to visit tourist destinations like Shimla, Manali, and Leh, etc.

winter season essay writing in english

Many parts of our country even witness snowfall and overall the weather turns delightful. However, there are various concerns that come with the winter season like Pollution. Delhi has been witnessing a sharp rise in the pollution levels during the winter season which is mainly winter season essay writing in english to the depression columns formed around the area Delhi is geographically situated in.

These challenges should be dealt with so that people can cherish the mild atmosphere and enjoy it the most during the winter season.

The season is good but not for everyone.

Long and Short Essay on Winter Season in English

The season creates a huge problem for all the homeless people, stray animals, and people who live in the hilly areas. In some parts of our country especially the mountain regionsdaily snowfall or rain can be witnessed during eessay time. It creates challenges for them to survive as the roads get blocked due to snowfall or heavy fog.]