Writing an introduction for an english essay

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writing an introduction for an english essay

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Writing an introduction to an essay can therefore seem a daunting task, though it need not be so difficult, as long as you understand the purpose and the structure of the introduction. An example essay has been given writing an introduction for an english essay help you understand both of these, and there is a checklist at the end which you can use for editing your introduction.

writing an introduction for an english essay

When writing an introduction to an academic essay, it is useful to writlng the main purpose of the introduction. In general, the introduction will introduce the topic to the reader by stating what the topic is and giving some general background information. This will help the reader to understand what you are writing about, and show why the topic is important.

The Introduction

The introduction should also give the overall plan of the essay. This last purpose is perhaps the most important, and is the reason why many writers choose to write the introduction lastafter they have written the main bodybecause they need to know what the essay will contain before they can give a clear plan. Although essays vary in length and content, most essays will have the same overall structure, including writing an introduction for an english essay introduction.

The structure is related to the purpose mentioned above. The introduction to an essay should have the following two parts:. The general statements will introduce the topic of the essay and give background information.

What Are the 3 Parts of an Introduction Paragraph?

The background information for a short essay will generally just be one or two sentences. The general statements should become more and more specific as the introduction progresses, leading the reader into the essay some writers talk about "attracting the readers' attention", though for an academic essay, this is less important. For longer essays, the general statements could include one or more definitionsor could classify the topic, and may cover more than one paragraph.

writing an introduction for an english essay

The following is an example of background statements for a short essay given below :. Although they were invented almost a hundred years ago, for decades cars were only owned by the rich. Since the 60s and 70s they have writing an introduction for an english essay increasingly affordable, and now most families in developed nations, and a growing number in developing countries, own a car.

These sentences introduce the topic of the essay cars and give some background to this topic situation in the past, the situation now. These sentences lead nicely into the thesis statement see below.

The thesis statement is the most important part of the introduction. It gives the reader clear information about the content of the essay, which will help them to understand the essay more easily.

The thesis states the writing an introduction for an english essay topic, and often lists the main controlling ideas that will be discussed in the main body. It may also indicate how the essay will be organised, e. It is usually at the end of the introduction, and is usually but not always one sentence long.

This thesis statement tells us the specific topic of the essay advantages and disadvantages of cars and the method of organisation advantages should come first, disadvantages second. It is, however, quite general, and may have been written before the writer had completed the essay. While cars have undoubted advantages, of which their convenience keys to writing a good uc essay the most apparent, they have significant drawbacks, most notably pollution and traffic problems.

This thesis gives us more detail, telling us not just the topic advantages and disadvantages of cars and the method of organisation advantages first, disadvantages secondbut also tells us the main ideas in the essay convenience, pollution, traffic problems. This essay will probably have three paragraphs in the main body. Below is a discussion essay which looks common essay writing about my haunted hourse the advantages and disadvantages of car ownership.]