Urdu essay writing for grade 2

urdu essay writing for grade 2

Wikipedia started being multilingual in May At urdu essay writing for grade 2, Urdu Wikipedia faced technical problems with the Urdu script font, but now this matter is mostly settled; some unsolved areas remain. Urdu is written in Perso-Arabic scripta right-to-left writing system.

As a result, users sometimes need to configure their operating systems and web browsers accordingly.

urdu essay writing for grade 2

Urdu variation of Times New Roman is used for navigation links. Both of these fonts are variations of Naskh style. Some Pakistani variations of complex Nasta'liq script are also supported only udu a secondary choice in class definitions of CSSi.

The translation of the Wikipedia interface and project information pages into Urdu is still in progress.

Syllabus overview

Some pages about how to edit have been translated. In JanuaryUrdu Wikipedia ranked first in the number of articles as compared to other Indian languages. The group hosted its first educational program in Deoband in February From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Urdu-language edition of the free-content encyclopedia. Main Page of Wikipedia Urdu in April Karachi: Karachi Updates.

urdu essay writing for grade 2

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