Youtube expository essay writing 7th grade

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Follow these simple steps to draft the first version of your essay. Once you finish your draft read over it and make any needed changes. Have a parent, relative, or friend read over your work.

youtube expository essay writing 7th grade

This is an important step because your writing must make sense to others. Finally, make any edits suggested by your reviewer.

youtube expository essay writing 7th grade

BAM you have an informative essay ready to be turned in! First, you will have to be familiar with what style your essay needs to be written in: informative, persuasive, or argumentative.

youtube expository essay writing 7th grade

Your teacher will determine which essay style is required. For the sake of this example we will focus on informative writing. So, what is an informative essay? Meaning, this type of essay requires you to gather information about your topic.

Your goal is to answer the prompt question by explaining the topic in detail.

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Second, you must be familiar with your writing prompt. Include interesting youtube expository essay writing 7th grade about this animal in your essay. Ask yourself, what is your favorite animal. I know that seems simple but the point is that you want to write espository something that is interesting to YOU. Writnig will make writing your paper less of a chore. Next, you must determine three reasons why this is your favorite animal. This step may require you to do some research on your animal.

During your research ask yourself, what are 3 interesting facts about this animal that some people may not know?

Funny Go Animate Video for Expository Writing

Remember, this is an informative essay, so your goal is to teach your reader about your topic. The research step is fun and can be easy if you know where to look! This is the part that helps you to learn things youtube expository essay writing 7th grade your topic—things that you might not have known before.

As you find your information be sure to copy the links to where you found the information online or the title and page number of the book that holds the information that you will be using in your paper.

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This first rule in research is to never use wikipedia. Try to stay away from a regular Google or Bing search as it youtube expository essay writing 7th grade not give you trustworthy youtune.

You will need to find more than one source. Your teacher will tell you how many sources are required for your bibliography or works cited page, which will come at the very end of your paper.]