10 things i hate about you review essay

LiteratureEntertainmentSociology. Ypu GenresMoviesSociology of Generations. ComedyFilm AnalysisTeenagers. Patrick Verona Heath Liway movie review essay is is the schools teenage rebel who hangs out at pool hall in the local pub, smokes cigarettes and drinks.

10 things i hate about you review essay the film Joey Andrew Keeganthe schools popular model, starts paying Patrick to go out with Kat so that he can go hhate with her younger sister, Bianca.

Sound familiar? The film exceeded in allowing the audience to see the emotional bonds being created between characters.

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This is seen between Kat and Patrick, and Bianca and Cameron as each couple become more than friends, in Kat and Bianca as they learn to love each other as sisters and between Kat and Bianca and their father as he learns to trust them hats they leave the house and to live their own lives.

As satirical as it is romantic, this is one teen film that is wise enough sample opinion writing essay 3rd grade span generations in its love and appeal. One of the best things about this film is its detail and editing. Each non- speaking character has a 10 things i hate about you review essay, whether explored through their dress, a Shakespearean quote or the roll of an eye.

This is 10 things i hate about you review essay contrasted with the music generally associated with Bianca — this music is much more positive and feminine. Another example is when the viewer first sees the Stratford home.

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However, as the camera angle changes and zooms in on Kat sitting by the window, the music changes and becomes much louder and adopts an angry tone.

Therefore, the music clearly demonstrates the difference between the two sisters, helping the viewer to understand their lives and conflict. During this film a large range of shots are used, this includes over the shoulder shots, extreme long shots, mid shots, slight close ups and so 10 things i hate about you review essay more.

10 things i hate about you review essay

Another camera angle that was used in the film was an a real shot that was at the beginning of the film that showed us, the audience, where the film was set and also allowed thingx see that 10 things i hate about you review essay was filmed in a school. After this opening shot we see two characters walk on scene and the camera seems to follow them around head on, showing the audience their character and also how they are one of the main characters.

10 things i hate about you review essay

This camera angle, follow shot, gives us the first few moments that set the whole movie into motion. We use cookies to offer you the best experience.

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10 things i hate about you review essay