A review essay about michael kors

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a review essay about michael kors

Any type of paper on any subject custom-written for you by the professionals. Company information Michael Kors Holdings Limited MKHL is international, publicly traded company, which works a review essay about michael kors three segments: retail, wholesale, licensing. The products critical literature review essay example in both Michael Kors collections are accessories, including michaep and small leather goods, apparel and even footwear Reuters.

The company positions itself as a rapidly growing luxury lifestyle aboht. The brand named Michel Kors was established over 30 years ago and at the beginning of the brand history it was an American luxury sportswear house.

Product identification and appropriate social media

Through retail the company directly offers its products and licensed products to consumers and the company has three main retail store formats: collection stores, lifestyle stores and outlet stores. Collection stores are located in shopping areas, lifestyle stores — in commercial shopping locations and outlet stores — in shopping malls.

a review essay about michael kors

The company distributes its products through various department stores in North America and Europe for the consumers who a review essay about michael kors buy goods at department stores. The goods that are produced and sold under licensing agreements are watches, eyewear, fragrances and jewelry Reuters. The competition within these companies is based on different factors which are: brand-name recognition, product quality, growing michadl share, setting appropriate price for the products, building the retail chain and organizing department stores system and protecting intellectual property.

Moreover, many companies mentioned above are much bigger and have better diversified collections of goods.

Industry stategy

MKHL main competitor COACH is a company with a longer history: founded inhas strong management reputation, similar strategy and position on the financial markets. During the last 20 years luxury goods industry has faced growing demand and the number of luxury goods consumers has almost tripled.

The index includes 80 publicly traded luxury goods makers and service providers. In the performance of the index went downward: in November the essay writing examples for grade 6 fell by 5.

For comparison, in index general total returns were To sum up, it should be said that luxury industry performance has seen its peak at the beginning ofthan it started fluctuating, stagnated and now a review essay about michael kors small rise in stock performance may be expected, what is a good sign for investors. These changes in growth trend that started in and almost never changed may be attributed to several factors.

Previous growth of luxury market was a review essay about michael kors supported by Chinese demand, but continued depression in European demand, anticorruption policy sample persuasive writing essay for 6th grade China and devaluation of the Yen a review essay about michael kors new rules on the market. Luxury companies have to face these changes with new ideas and solutions.

The role of Chinese consumers is constantly growing: tariffs on luxury goods in china are high enough and Chinese consumers are seeking for new retail channels to meet their demand.

To reduce the price gap between Chinese mainland and Europe and US producers have substantially increases prices for homeland buyers, who in response started to seek for new, accessible offers. Chinese are very attracted to traveling and the luxury producers develop their travel retail chains to find a new way to offers their goods to Chinese consumers.

Next point is digitalization of the industry, internet has become a new way to communicate and sell luxury products that are famous everywhere, but still, are not available everywhere. It may be projected that the key development areas for luxury industry executives will be Chinese market, digital sales that should attract new consumers worldwide, consolidation between different brands, sustainability issues and intellectual rights protection.

a review essay about michael kors

First point is the bargaining power of suppliers. MKHL and aboht competitors belong to a specific segment of the luxury industry, which is characterized with low material costs. Huge part of product prices for the goods of these companies is attributed to brand name, exclusiveness, design.]