Ap lang argument essay peer review worksheet

For complaints, use another form.

Argumnt lib. Upload document Create flashcards. Flashcards Collections. Documents Last activity. Read the scoring guide as thoughtfully as you would want your reviewer to read it. Read the introduction - does it identify the argument postulated in the prompt?

Make a note if it does not. In the introduction, highlight what you perceive to be the thesis statement.

ap lang argument essay peer review worksheet

Indicate if it does not. What questions or comments argujent you have on this paragraph? Write these in the left margin. What could the student do to make the introduction more effective or interesting?

ap lang argument essay peer review worksheet

Note this in the right margin. Read the whole paper through once. Circle and note one part you found particularly insightful.

ap lang argument essay peer review worksheet

Look again at the 2nd paragraph the 1st body paragraph and answer the following: a. Does the first sentence indicate a focus for the entire paragraph? If yes, underline the focus. If no, suggest a way the author might correct this oversight.

Highlight the concrete detail specific evidence that you find in this paragraph. Using a second color, highlight the commentary or analysis provided by the student to develop the paragraph. Provide a key to the colors used at the top of the paper. Is there a balance between concrete detail and commentary? Elaborate in the left margin. Was pser paragraph highly ap lang argument essay peer review worksheet Note this on the last line of the paragraph.

Write down any questions or comments in the right margin. Look at the remaining body paragraphs, and complete the analysis from 9 for at least one additional paragraph. Revjew the conclusion, which may be a separate paragraph or the concluding comments at the end of the last body paragraph.

Answer the following: a. In the left margin: Does this section give a finished feel to the essay as a whole? Why or why not? In the right margin: What could the student writer do to make this section more effective? Answer at the bottom of the essay, or on a separate sheet of paper staple to essay. Read the essay one more time, circling exemplary diction in red.]