Can you review my college essay reddit

AllyGwe understand your concerns, as submitting your original work online always carries some risk! We wanted redcit share the measures we take to prevent plagiarism in our peer essay review tool.

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CameronBameronthank you for sharing your concerns and experience! We wanted to follow up on this thread after completing the investigation from your initial report.

We allow students to submit the same essay multiple times. If the re-submission happened near one another, our system might show the same essay twice to students for a review, which is what happened with your original report, CameronBameron.

We'll look into how we can stop this from happening, so students who are submitting multiple times essay writing ideas for elementary students be ensured they'll get responses from varied perspectives! College essays can you review my college essay reddit meant to be a personal narrative, so the risk of someone stealing work is definitely lower than your typical persuasive or argumentative essays from school assignments.

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Despite this, we know some students will plagiarize and pass off someone else's stories and ideas as their own. Here's what we have in our system to prevent plagiarism: 1 we assign a unique fingerprint to all submitted essays.

can you review my college essay reddit

We use this to verify the original author and track down potential bad actors. Only the submitter will continue to have access.

can you review my college essay reddit

Even with these measures in place, we know that cheaters will find ways to cheat. And we know this has big consequences in admissions for both the original author and the student who plagiarized another's work.

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If we suspect plagiarism, we have measures in place to work with the students and universities to ensure we can protect our students and their hard work. We jou this clears things up a bit, and please let use know if you have further questions!

can you review my college essay reddit

I've reviewed about 10 essays so far and I've seen one of them copy and pasted by 2 other Rising Seniors and resubmitted for a 2nd review. This is alarming. This means that people are going on the Essay Review agreeing to opinion writing essay example with 5 paragraphs free the essay and if they like it, they copy and paste it onto their devices.

Then they re-submit the essay back through Can you review my college essay reddit Vine as if it's their own essay and use the tips and critique to improve the said essay.

So they are cheating twice. I'm trying to keep ahead of this by reporting the essays to college vine but I know that at some top colleges they are going to be a few of the exact essays with minor modifications.]