College application essay reviews

Increase your chances of getting into your dream college by writing your most compelling college essays!

college application essay reviews

Essays become the final piece of college applications that Seniors can work on to tip the admissions scales in college application essay reviews applucation. These programs can either be part of our Comprehensive Pathway or purchased as a stand-alone offering. For Seniors who have drafted their college essays, this is a great option to have a college essay expert review and edit your submissions.

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This guidance is included in the Comprehensive Pathway but can still be available as a stand alone offering for senior year. With some colleges requiring up to 15 writing assignments short and long-formtime is of the essence.

college application essay reviews

Our guidance for estimating the refiews of hours you may need:. If you need support for the common application personal statement, supplements for private colleges and public colleges, please start by investing in a block of 20 hours of our experts time. Even as someone who college application essay reviews writes, the tools and perspectives I was shown were new and immensely beneficial.

college application essay reviews

Doing this program is a large reason for how I was able to write the essays that got me into my dream college. I felt as though it helped me put down my thoughts into a well-structured essay to convey how I grew from my experiences!

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My UCEazy counselor helped me with my essays and allowed me to express myself in a more appealing way to colleges without straying from myself. I was stressed in the beginning, but along the college application essay reviews paplication the help of my counselor, the process was much easier.

college application essay reviews

My counselor is a wonderful person to work with. It has been an absolute honor to work with my UCEazy counselor through my college application journey!!]