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In the College vine rapid essay review Services category. Visit this website. For any future college applicants, CollegeVine is not worth it. I'm writing this review because I suddenly got a spam email from CollegeVine which made me remember the collegf refund policy. Very helpful website. I love using CollegeVine. As a student, it can be very hard to understand the process of college application and all other aspects.

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CollegeVine opened my eyes to the things that I can do college vine rapid essay review will make me more successful in the future. The app was incredibly useful even though it was designed for me directly, I would love if they made it more inclusive of international how to write an essay movie review because there really is no website like that for people like me.

It's great, but would be much college vine rapid essay review if you could stop randomizing the school list on the dash. I have 31 schools selected as "considering", and it only shows 10 at a time, and randomly at that.

It would be great if you could either choose your 10 schools to display and hide the others, or to just show all schools on the list, or all schools selected as "applying", etc.

CollegeVine is a useful site that provides high school advice and chancing profiles.

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However, I think that some of their chancing is unrealistic ex. CollegeVine is the real deal! Please do not wait until Junior year to begin your child's journey!

college vine rapid essay review

This website has really helped my figure out my safeties, targets and reaches. Thank you! Super Useful Information and Clear Organization. CollegeVine, in my opinion, is a virtual college colleeg counselor.

college vine rapid essay review

It truly helped me figure essay the colleges that were best for me. It is such an amazing service! I would recommend it for anyone who wants to see their chancing in College Admissions. It tells you exactly what you need to improve your profile and has amazing college vine rapid essay review for you to explore colleges with. Nice information feed back based on Student achievements.

college vine rapid essay review

Don't trust their algorithms! After talking with her high school counselor after the factshe emphatically said that the "Safety" schools they recommended were in vinf NOT Safety schools. All CollegeVine could say is "Sorry" and "her profile fits these schools, so It's just a weird fluke". This has been devastating.]