Judicial review essay topics

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My main argument will be that legislatures have a high interest in perverting their interpretations of the constitution for political points, particularly in ways that favor majorities and harm minorities. The issue with letting Parliament decide on these matters is that Parliament is under pressure from the majority, which can lead to enacting draconian measures against who they judicial review essay topics is the enemy, which is usually a minority with little protection.

judicial review essay topics

The courts are removed from this pressure and can question the need for new polices that Parliament may introduce which can infringe on human rights. The legitimacy of the judiciary comes from that fact that it has to have rational arguments, its decisions must come from a legal authority and the judiciary is independent from judicial review essay topics ensuring an unbiased opinion.

This gives legitimacy to judicial decisions examples of writing a personal essay unjust laws passed by the government.

This is an important when human rights are being considered because with issues of national security can often lead to judicial review essay topics treatment of minorities and foreign nationals.

Similarly, Article VI would cause treaties to trump national law, giving them the same status of power as the Constitution U. S constitution.

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Ian Murray, vice president at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, argues the difference between the U. They then supposedly have the force of law, but the lion king movie review essay countries have the means of citizen enforcement of such law, which is why they can be safely ignored when convenient Murray. Other nations don 't play by the rules of the game, whereas the U.

Ratifying treaties has less to do with judicial review essay topics stage of democracy topifs state is in and more to do with what the State can gain from it. Politicians who oppose judicial activism also believe that courts judicial review essay topics only be resolving internal conflicts within the branches and should only use judicial restraint when determining if a law is unconstitutional. Jones However, these arguments against judicial activism are iniquitous.

judicial review essay topics

The function of the courts is to promote a democracy and ensure that the rights of citizens are not violated. Thus, there is something uneasy about upholding moral principles society cannot agree upon, especially when this process has no other virtues. Judicial review essay topics deferring to Parliamentary decisions However, there is great tension as soon as we change our beliefs on the nature judicial review essay topics law and hence, the legal reasoning implemented regarding the extent to which judges shape the law.

For example, with positivism — under either Hart or Kelsen — law is separate from morality.

judicial review essay topics

However, for the most part, judges are to apply the clear legal rules which are posited. One of other main concerns with democracy is that with rule by a majority you will in turn sometimes suppress a minority.

judicial review essay topics

By doing this J. Mill believes that there is a greater chance that the truth will stifled and by consequence of doing that people will only see one side and believe that the side that judicial review essay topics seen is true.]