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Social media are responsible for aggravating mental health problems.

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This systematic study summarizes the effects of social network usage on mental health. Fifty papers were shortlisted from google websote databases, and after the application of various inclusion and exclusion criteria, 16 papers were chosen and all papers were evaluated for quality.

review about a website essay unso aa

Eight papers were cross-sectional studies, three were longitudinal studies, two were qualitative studies, aboug others were systematic reviews. Findings were classified into two outcomes of mental health: anxiety and depression. Social media activity such as time spent to have a positive effect on the mental health domain. However, due to the cross-sectional design and methodological limitations of sampling, there are considerable differences.

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The structure review about a website essay unso aa social media influences on mental health needs to be further analyzed through qualitative research and vertical cohort studies.

Human beings sbout social creatures that require the companionship of others to make progress in life. Thus, being socially connected with other people can relieve stress, anxiety, and sadness, but lack of social connection can pose serious risks to mental health [ 1 ].

review about a website essay unso aa

Social media has recently become part of people's daily activities; many of them spend hours each day on Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, and other popular social media. Moreover, the number of social media users worldwide in is 3.

review about a website essay unso aa

A statistic in Figure 1 shows the gender distribution of social media audiences worldwide as of Januarysorted by platform. In contrast, females were more likely to use LinkedIn and Facebook. There is no denying that social media has now become an important part of many people's lives.]