Tips for wrighting a review essay

The goal of a review is to evaluate or judge something.

Understanding the Assignment

We judge things every day. For example, you have a favourite band or television show, and you like one supermarket more than you like another.

tips for wrighting a review essay

These are judgements. When you write a review, your job is to state your opinion or judgement and support it. You do this by presenting reasons and evidence. The first time you read or watch something, get an overall sense of the work.

What Is an Article Review

Then think about its strengths and weaknesses. Read or watch it again to confirm your first impressions.

tips for wrighting a review essay

This time, take careful notes. Be ready to change your mind if a closer look sends you in a different direction. Tell readers the complete title of the work and the name of its author tips for wrighting a review essay creator. Supply the publisherpublication date, and other information about when the piece was created and where readers or viewers can find it. Check your facts.

The details in a review must be accurate. Reviews appear in all sorts of places. Research the places you hope to publish your review, and write accordingly.

Think about what you need to explain. General readers will need more background information than readers of a publication aimed at experts. Your review can be negative, positive, or mixed.

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Your job is to support that opinion with wrighying and evidence. Even if readers disagree with you, they need to see how you reached your conclusions.

tips for wrighting a review essay

You might wrkghting a novel is successful when it has characters you care about and a plot that makes you want to keep reading. State these criteria so your readers understand what you believe. Support your judgments with quotations or descriptions of scenes from the work. Also consult outside sources.]