We will review your college essay

we will review your college essay

Increase your chances of acceptance with a standout college application essay. Ew comprehensive edits and feedback from top-rated Ivy League consultants, all in as little as 24 hours.

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More than spell check. Receive direct and honest advice to help your college essay shine.

we will review your college essay

Our consultants come from the nation's top universities such as Harvard and MIT. The essay is one of the most important parts of the college application. Writing an essay what is the steps compelling narrative, one that lets your personality shine through while tying together the different elements of your life, can tip the admissions odds in your we will review your college essay. You should exude humility, intellectual curiosity, thoughtfulness, self-awareness, leadership, and ambition.

We'll help you do so while maintaining your true voice. I Replace adverbs with strong verbs when possible. Most teens dread the exhausting, two-minute trek to the curb, but I find solace "Solace in" is more we will review your college essay. Every night at 10 Yur Every dayI hear my mother lock the entrance, cueing entrance.

She cues me to empty out the garbage cans on the main floor.

we will review your college essay

As I lug carry pounds of many losing lotto tickets, candy wrappers, and crushed coffee cups Use stronger imagery to paint a picture of your duties. Of course, Focus on what you did, not on what you didn't do.

I spent We will review your college essay, the simple past works best. The modal verb is unnecessary. Not until my freshman year did they give me permission to man the cash register, which had mesmerized me for years. Hi John!

we will review your college essay

However, I'd consider reconstructing the first two paragraphs. The opening of your essay leads me to believe that you'll go on to discuss your experiences at the family business, but from the third paragraph on, you mostly you on software development. By the end of the essay, the introduction feels distant and irrelevant.

Big picture: Check for overall message, flow, and clarity

We'll check for errors like dangling modifiers, comma splices, and ambiguous pronouns. We'll ensure that you stick to the point with word choice that is realistic yet engaging. We'll make sure your writing is easy to read, compelling, and reflects your true voice. We'll suggest ways to optimize the structure of your essay to best we will review your college essay your narrative. We'll point out areas your essay falls short and suggest ways to improve your writing.

We'll provide a 2—3 paragraph evaluation of the overall strength of your essay.]