What is a article review essay

From time to time, you can get an article review assignment from your tutor. What does this task entail? First of all, keep in mind that an article review is a piece of critical, constructive analysis of some academic article.

Writing it involves the use of summary, classification, analysis, and comparison techniques. Your article should sound academic and should rely on the previously s literature on that subject.

what is a article review essay

Besides, it is imperative to make your review a standalone work of academic argicle that organizes and evaluates literature, detects patterns in data, and identifies research gaps. Composing such a paper, at least for the first time, can be challenging. The first step in designing your review article is to study the article as close as possible.

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Reread it several times, look through the contents and the abstract. Look through the tables and figures included in the study.

what is a article review essay

Then focus on each section separately, determining whether each of them corresponds to its aim and specifics. Next, you need to choose a specific focus of your review.

How to Write an Article Review?

If you try to talk a bit of everything, you risk ending what is a article review essay with an article summary, not a review. Thus, you can make your review focused by choosing to look more in-depth into the theoretical approach, the methodology, or cases considered by the author.

Is it the range of coverage that raises questions?

what is a article review essay

Do you like the tone and voice? Finally, before proceeding to the article review writing process, you will need to get more insight into the subject.

what is a article review essay

If there are other reviews available, you might want to compare your impression with that what is a article review essay other reviewers. Another thing to take care of is the referencing and formatting style.

Some tutors require their students to complete reviews in the APA article review format, which presupposes specific subheadings and technical issues. In contrast, others want to see the article review in the MLA or Harvard format. Original research may differ in type and purpose: it can be a randomized controlled trial, a survey, an interview, a case study, or one writing an informative essay 5th grade the many other research types.

Our experts have collected an exhaustive list of topics and aspects you can cover in a review. However, there is a common standard outline that suits all reviews.]