What is a product review essay

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Type of paper: Essay. The iPhone 5 is essau fanciest smart phone in the market currently. The iPhone is assembled with great care and caution so as to successful meets the evolving customer needs. First of all, the IPhone 5 has a beautiful design.

what is a product review essay

Many customers are concerned about whar their phone looks. Unlike other phones that do not address this need, IPhone has an aesthetic feel. The IPhone 5 is also lighter compared to many other phone models McFedries This means that the phone is easy to carry both in the pocket and by hand.

what is a product review essay

The weight of the phone matters because in many cases, heavier phones face the risk of dropping to the floor in case one is multitasking while handling writing a persuasive essay in spanish phone. In addition, it is sometimes uncomfortable to carry a heavy phone in the pocket because it often wears off porduct pocket due to the heavy weight.

In addition to the light weight that characterizes what is a product review essay iPhone 5, it is important to understand that the phone has a higher speed in terms of internet connection and detection compared to other phones and the IPhone 4 model. This means that consumers can be able to enjoy fast internet as they surf the internet.

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Considering the growing need for accessing the internet in daily activities such the social media, iPhone 5 is an ideal phone tom possess. This how to practice english essay writing that there is w need for purchasing a GPS if one possesses an iPhone 5.

This shows that the iPhone5 is cost effective because one can save money for gadgets such as a GPS because the iPhone5 provides the same service. In addition to the GPS, the iPhone 5 can store large quantities of data especially music. What is a product review essay and iPhone 5 one does not have to purchase an iPod for the purposes of listening to music.

One can either save music directly on the iPhone5 or use a memory card to save music. In addition to music, the iPhone 5 has an excellent camera.

what is a product review essay

The neatness of the what is a product review essay taken using the iPhone 5 is greater than other phones such as Android models and the iPhone 4. It is also important to note that the iPhone 5 provides a wide range of photo editing software compared to other phones in the market. Therefore, in addition to saving money that would be used to buy a GPS, one can also save money that could be used to buy a camera.]