What is an article review essay trackid sp-006

A review also shows how a work fits into its disciplines and explains the value or contribution of the work to what is an article review essay trackid sp-006 field. Reviews play an important role in scholarship. They also provide an up-to-date view of a discipline.

We recommend you seek out reviews in current scholarly journals to become familiar with recent scholarship on a topic and to understand the forms review writing takes in your discipline. Published scholarly reviews are helpful models for beginner review-writers.

what is an article review essay trackid sp-006

However, we remind you reviea you are to write your own assessment of the work, not rely on the assessment from a review you found in a journal or on a blog. It is important to synthesize the contents and significance of the work you review, but the main purpose of a review is to evaluate, critically analyze, or comment on the text. Keep your summary of the work brief, and make specific references to its message and evidence in your assessment trackiid the work.

An effective review must be fair and accurate. It is important to see what is actually in front of you when your first so-006 to the tone, argument, or subject of what you are reviewing college essay tutor princeton review extremely negative or positive. You will present your personal views on the work, but they must be explained and supported with evidence.

Pre-reading helps a reader to see a book as a whole.

what is an article review essay trackid sp-006

Take time before you begin chapter one to read the introduction and conclusion, examine chapter titles, and to explore the index or references pages. Read more about strategies for critical and efficient reading.

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A reverse outline helps a reader analyze the content and argument of a work of non-fiction. Read each section of a text carefully and write down two things: 1 the main point or idea, and 2 its function in the text. In other words, write down what each section says id what it does.

This will help you to see how the author develops their argument and uses evidence for support.

what is an article review essay trackid sp-006

In its simplest form, the double-entry notebook separates a page into two columns. In one column, fssay make observations about the work. In the other, you note your what is an article review essay trackid sp-006 to the work.

This notetaking method has two advantages. It forces you to make both sorts of notes — notes about the work and notes about your reaction to the work — and it helps you to distinguish between the revifw. Whatever method of notetaking you choose, do take notes, even if these are scribbles in the margin.

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It is extremely important to work toward seeing a clear and accurate picture of a work. One approach is to try to suspend your judgment for a while, focusing instead on describing or outlining a text. Being critical does not mean criticizing. It essah asking questions and formulating answers.

Common Types of Article Review

You can what is an article review essay trackid sp-006 tell a lot about an author by examining a text closely, but sometimes it helps to do a little agticle research. Here are some questions about the author that would be atricle to keep in mind when you are reading a text critically:.

Because you are doing the interpreting and evaluating of a text, it is important to examine your own perspective, assumptions, and knowledge positionality in annotated bibliography example apa 7th edition to the text. One way to do this is by writing a position statement that outlines your view of the subject of the work you are reviewing.

What do you know, believe, or assume about this subject? What in your life might influence your approach to this text? Another way to examine your thoughts in relation to a text is to note your initial response to the work. Consider your experience of the text — did you like it?

Why or why not?]