What is judicial review essay

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what is judicial review essay

Essay on Judicial Review. Date Author Vande Kamp, Garrett Reeview. Metadata Show full item record. Abstract The existence of judicial review confronts scholars of political institutions, particularly scholars of law and judicial politics, with several important questions.

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Why do democracies like the U. Why do elected political institutions—notably Congress and the president —refrain from using their institutions prerogatives to curb or constrain courts? Existing research on these questions can be categorized into two groups.

what is judicial review essay

Independence-based theories of judicial review argue that some mechanism constrains the other branches of government to respect judicial review.

While previous research efforts have yielded much fruit, I build upon it in three important areas. In chapter 3, I argue that majoritarian theories need to what is judicial review essay into account the separation of powers between branches of government.

Essay on Judicial Review

In chapter 4, I examine severability doctrine in order to derive and test new hypotheses based on both legal scholarship and positive political theory. I conclude in chapter 5 by summarizing the results of my research and noting future areas of inquiry.

what is judicial review essay

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