Whats eating gilbert grape film review essay

After the death of his father seven years prior, Glibert became the sole provider for his dysfunctional family of five, leaving little time or energy whats eating gilbert grape film review essay himself. His mother has given up on life, his brother has a severe mental disability, and his two sisters do little to help the situation. These two plot devices show the inevitable chaos of juggling so many responsibilities at such a young age. Betty makes a sexual advance on Gilbert each time, though Gilbert seems to be uncomfortable in each situation.


The first scene goes smoothly. The second, however, does not go as smoothly.

whats eating gilbert grape film review essay

Gilbert stretches his time out unwisely and ends up putting Arnie in danger in an attempt to add Becky to the list of people Gilbert takes care of. Gilbert foolishly leaves Arnie alone to bathe himself eatiny he can spend the evening with Becky. When he wakes up the next morning, he finds that his autistic brother has spent the night in the ever-cooling bath water.

whats eating gilbert grape film review essay

It also shows how much care Arnie needs. The third and last event that displays the character development that Gilbert goes through occurs when he spends his last night with Becky, who leaves the next day.

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Gilbert explains that his father was a very solemn, quiet man that showed little emotion. Even Becky, who has barely known Gilbert for a week, knows that his home life situation has taken a toll on him. The comparison of characters also helps to represent the change Gilbert experiences. Gilbert has two love affairs throughout the movie with Betty Carver and Becky, one contradicting the other. Becky is a free spirit who travels the country with her youthful grandmother, but Betty is the polar opposite.

Betty is whats eating gilbert grape film review essay, unkind, and manipulative. When Becky comes into the picture, Gilbert instinctively feels it necessary to take care of her like he takes care of everyone else.

whats eating gilbert grape film review essay

This is why he chooses himself in the end. Ironically, the last relationship to be mentioned of in this essay is the relationship between Gilbert and himself.

Through most of the movie, Gilbert is selfless, yet harsh to those around him. He lashes out in small increments, perhaps to help him preserve his sanity. Towards the end of the movie, Gilbert apologizes to his family for being unkind to them. Once realizing this, Gilberg is able to take charge and be kinder to the people around him.

Character of Gilbert

Gilbert takes time for himself to process his emotions by stepping away from whats eating gilbert grape film review essay scene. Gilbert kicks the posts supporting the poorly constructed house, punches the decaying walls, and throws whatever objects revied can get his hands on. It analyzes mental illness and responsibility from a previously uncharted territory. In conclusion, this movie is powerful enough that it may give someone the courage to go through the change Gilbert experienced.

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